Re-opening closed Time Card Entries for Edits

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Re-opening closed Time Card Entries for Edits

Postby TechTeam » Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:21 pm

When a Job has been invoiced or set as "Job Finished" in BILLING > PRE-INVOICE INFO several things happen in the underlying files:
1. The Job No gets marked as "Job Finshed" effectively preventing further issue of Spares or Man Hrs to the Job
2. The data file lines that hold the Parts issued gets flagged as "Invoice='Y' " and is thus deemed no longer Work-in-Progress (W.I.P.)
3. The lines that hold the Man-Hours booked to the job gets flagged as "Invoice='Y' " and thus deemed no longer Work-in-Progress (W.I.P.)
This may cause a problem in doing an Edit to the Data file lines. After all, the Job is deemed closed and thus no Edit should be possible. However, there may be a case where you may genuinely want to do an Edit to the Man-hours as the Invoicing process has not been completed and there is some entry error in the Time-Cards. These notes set out to explain how to overcome the block if you want to Edit the Man-hours to a Job that has been closed.

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