UnLink Aircraft Records from Stores

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UnLink Aircraft Records from Stores

Postby TechTeam » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:33 am

By default the Program links all Rotable transactions between the Materials (Stores) Departments and Tech Services (Aircraft Records). This link does mean that Rotable itmes can un-expectedly show up in the Aircraft Records and the Printing Listings (e.g. the Current Status). These Rotable parts fitted do not need to appear here as they are "on-condition" items. As they have no time control requirements, their presence only serves to make the Reports larger. You can disconnect this link by changing the setting to "N" in UTILITIES > SETTINGS & PARAMETERS: "Link Rotable Issues into Aircraft Record". When set to "N" any item fitted from this point onwards will still show as installed to the aircraft for historical and accounting purposes but will masked from the Aircraft Records. What it does mean of course is time controlled Rotable Parts installed at any time will need to go through the process of "installing the component" through normal Tech Services menu i.e. TECH SVCS > AIRCRAFT FILE > COMPONENT CONTROL if they are to show in the Aircraft Records system.
NOTE: You can disconnect (or re-connect) any item any time to mask (orun-mask) the Rotable by using the function Suspend /UnSuspend Component (See Suspending Components from Aircraft Records)
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